Women and disability forum

He waka eke noa. We’re all in this together. That was the strong message coming the Women and Disability forum held on 13 March.   Dr Huhana Hickey, human rights campaigner, outlined the need for intersectionality – a uniting of women (whether disabled or non-disabled), Māori and Pacific people, and those who identify as LGBTQI ...

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First pay equity deal welcomed

On 18 April the Government made the long-awaited announcement that it would provide money to settle caregiver Kristine Bartlett’s historic pay equity claim. The settlement will be phased in gradually over five years, and will increase pay for the overwhelmingly female workers in aged residential care, home support and disability services. Read the article here.

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Women’s choice election forum

Which Party will help women? Read our review of this forum.

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Government fails women after nine years

The National-led Government will have been in power for nine years by the time this year’s election is held on 23 September. But women are worse off now than we were in 2008. Why? Read the article here.

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Women, poverty and prejudice

Over 120 women and up to a dozen men packed out Western Springs Community Hall to participate in the forum, Women, Poverty and Prejudice: Feminism and the 2017 Election in mid July, on the coldest night of the year so far. Read the article here.

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Gender analysis essential to eliminating violence

The Family and Whānau Violence Legislation Bill explicity deletes gender from the discussion. Read the article here.

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Government cuts our positive parenting single mum’s project

The Ministry of Social Development has informed us that in May our contract with it for our SKIP Positive Parenting Project would not be reviewed. Read the article here.

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Feminist parenting forum

Our powerful and heart warming speakers shared how they each parent against the patriarchy. Read the article here.

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The Child Support Amendment Bill

This Bill, currently before the Parliamentary Select Committee is strongly weighted in the interests of liable parents, most of whom are fathers. If passed it will further impoverish single mothers and their children. Below is a submission by the Auckland Coalition for the Safety of Women and Children urging all parties to vote against the ...

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Vulnerable children – How could the Government help?

This is a submission to the Government’s Green Paper on vulnerable children from the Coalition for the Safety of women and Children. Read the article here.

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