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Listen to our fabulous Youth Coordinators in action, celebrating Indigenous People’s Day!

Our fabulous Youth Coordinators, Gabriella and Kiriataahua, are featured in this weeks episiode of “Social Innovation New Zealand x Changemakers x Movespace” podcast.    “Our wonderful guest speakers Kiriataahua Te Maapi Pene and Gabriella Brayne (Auckland Women’s Centre) are on exciting and empowering journeys to reconnect with Te Ao Māori. In this episode, they explore ...

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Khylee Quince – Change-maker

Mixing humour with straight-talking – a potent and characteristic mix – Khylee Quince, the first Māori Dean of Law, offered a blueprint for change-makers in her kōrero with Stacey Morrison last month. The issues are clear: One in every 25 wāhine Māori have been to prison by age 35, compared to one in every 166 ...

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Kōrero with Laura O’Connell Rapira

Laura O’Connell Rapira: Our work must be values-based A long-term vision for our earth mother Papatūānuku will help create the best future for wāhine Māori and for all of us, said Action Station director Laura O’Connell-Rapira at Auckland Women’s Centre’s latest community forum. Laura delivered her inspirational kōrero to nearly 100 participants in the first-ever ...

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Mana wahine forum

A large audience enjoyed and discussed the kōrero of four dynamic women at this #Suffrage 125 event on the 9th of October. Read the article here.

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