Kōrero with Tracey McIntosh

Radical honesty and joyous activism Her remedies for our unequal society   Matching hope and humour with clear-eyed analysis of New Zealand society, Tracey McIntosh (Tūhoe) was a warm inspiration at AWC’s last event for 2019. In front of a sold-out crowd at the light and airy West End tennis club, the Professor of Indigenous ...

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The equal pay amendment needs amending!

The current Equal Pay Bill creates more problems than it solves   The most recent statistics show a small improvement in the gender pay equity gap. However, if the current Equal Pay Amendment Bill becomes law without amendment, the Auckland Women’s Centre believes it will do little to facilitate narrowing the gap. In August, Statistics ...

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Wāhine Māori used as economic ‘shock absorbers’ for too long

Authors say New Zealand needs to stop rewarding the rich and punishing the poor   “Miriama” grew up poor. She got a job early – the work was casual and insecure, and it prevented her getting qualifications for more secure and higher-paid employment. Now a sole parent, she is one of the poorest “precariat”, living ...

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Muslim women speak out about feminism, racism and spirituality

AWC forum hears that refugees feared to leave their homes after the Christchurch attacks.   A Muslim woman – Fatima al-Fihri – founded the world’s oldest university, in Morocco in 859CE. Two centuries earlier, the first-ever Muslim woman Khadijah bint Khuwaylid was a merchant 15 years older than the prophet Muhammed: she was his employer ...

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National strategy required for contraception

We need strategic leadership from the Government on contraception Read the article here.

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Law commission advice: To reduce court stress for victims of sexual and family violence

AWC welcomes the report, although much more action is required. Read the article here.

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Abortion: A reproductive right

Access to abortion is a human right – and we need to make sure our politicians know it: that was the urgent message of the Auckland Women’s Centre’s successful recent public forum “Abortion, a Reproductive Right”. As student activist Ella Shepherd put it: “trust women, support women.” Read the article here.

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Abortion law reform: Demand the best option for women

Women in Aotearoa currently have the chance to press meaningfully for the legal right to decide whether or not we want to become parents. Read the article here.

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Mana wahine forum

A large audience enjoyed and discussed the kōrero of four dynamic women at this #Suffrage 125 event on the 9th of October. Read the article here.

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High school feminism project

Read the article here.

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