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Reshaping gender expectations: Slow work – but exciting

Recently, New Zealand’s prevailing notions of gender were memorably and amusingly skewered by Michelle Duff at Stuff: “If New Zealand is a person,” she wrote, “he’s your Stubbies-wearing uncle from Eketāhuna who thinks he’s enlightened because he once watched a women’s rugby match and drank a glass of Prosecco by mistake.” As Michelle points out, ...

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Muslim women speak out about feminism, racism and spirituality

AWC forum hears that refugees feared to leave their homes after the Christchurch attacks.   A Muslim woman – Fatima al-Fihri – founded the world’s oldest university, in Morocco in 859CE. Two centuries earlier, the first-ever Muslim woman Khadijah bint Khuwaylid was a merchant 15 years older than the prophet Muhammed: she was his employer ...

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Clementine Ford forum

A sell-out crowd enjoyed the smart, brave, considered, witty, and (as she describes herself) unfuckablewith, Clementine! Read the article here.

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Feminist parenting forum

Our powerful and heart warming speakers shared how they each parent against the patriarchy. Read the article here.

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