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Minister for Women Jan Tinetti gets to work

Te Wāhi Wāhine o Tāmaki Makaurau/ Auckland Women’s Centre met with Minister for Women Jan Tinetti in May, and came away very impressed. It was clear Jan understands why a gendered analysis of family and sexual violence is important, and during the meeting, she listened to our concerns intently. Jan is Pākehā, a breast cancer ...

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What is a feminist green new deal?

It’s the deal to save the world! Climate change is a feminist issue. It’s easier to save yourself if your responsibilities don’t also include looking after children. It’s easier to move away or batten down the hatches if you have money.  If global warming reaches 2 °C – which it will, unless we act immediately ...

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Towards a feminist budget

If we stopped spending on the military, what could we achieve instead? On International Women’s Day this year the Aotearoa section of Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF) challenged government military expenditure. WILPF maintains that “well-resourced civilian agencies are better suited to perform the military’s current roles”, for example, disaster response, search and ...

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Gender Gap Facts

Did you know that half of all mothers in NZ will have experienced sole parenthood at some point by age 50? This is one of 28 facts in our updated hot-off-the-press at-a-glance, quick-reference guide to “Gender Gap Facts”. It offers a handful of illustrative facts (from the most recent research and statistics available) about gender ...

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Are policy makers paying any attention to women’s needs?

The Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment’s attempt to combat modern slavery in New Zealand without considering forced prostitution is yet more evidence the Government urgently needs to mandate the use of a gender policy tool for all agencies, says Te Wāhi Wāhine o Tāmaki Makaurau manager Leonie Morris. “It’s outrageous that MBIE has messed ...

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Meet our new Women’s Services Coordinator, Kaitlin Henderson

Our new Women Services Coordinator talks health psychology and cross-stitch If you’re in the neighbourhood, come and say hi to Kaitlin Henderson, the newest friendly face at Te Wāhi Wāhine o Tāmaki Makaurau (WWTM). Kaitlin is now looking after Women’s Support (free advice, referral and information), and coordinating our community education programme. “I love that ...

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Reshaping gender expectations: Slow work – but exciting

Recently, New Zealand’s prevailing notions of gender were memorably and amusingly skewered by Michelle Duff at Stuff: “If New Zealand is a person,” she wrote, “he’s your Stubbies-wearing uncle from Eketāhuna who thinks he’s enlightened because he once watched a women’s rugby match and drank a glass of Prosecco by mistake.” As Michelle points out, ...

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Muslim women speak out about feminism, racism and spirituality

AWC forum hears that refugees feared to leave their homes after the Christchurch attacks.   A Muslim woman – Fatima al-Fihri – founded the world’s oldest university, in Morocco in 859CE. Two centuries earlier, the first-ever Muslim woman Khadijah bint Khuwaylid was a merchant 15 years older than the prophet Muhammed: she was his employer ...

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Clementine Ford forum

A sell-out crowd enjoyed the smart, brave, considered, witty, and (as she describes herself) unfuckablewith, Clementine! Read the article here.

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Feminist parenting forum

Our powerful and heart warming speakers shared how they each parent against the patriarchy. Read the article here.

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