Gender Gap Facts

Did you know that half of all mothers in NZ will have experienced sole parenthood at some point by age 50? This is one of 28 facts in our updated hot-off-the-press at-a-glance, quick-reference guide to “Gender Gap Facts”. It offers a handful of illustrative facts (from the most recent research and statistics available) about gender ...

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Are policy makers paying any attention to women’s needs?

The Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment’s attempt to combat modern slavery in New Zealand without considering forced prostitution is yet more evidence the Government urgently needs to mandate the use of a gender policy tool for all agencies, says Te Wāhi Wāhine o Tāmaki Makaurau manager Leonie Morris. “It’s outrageous that MBIE has messed ...

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Meet our new Women’s Services Coordinator, Kaitlin Henderson

Our new Women Services Coordinator talks health psychology and cross-stitch If you’re in the neighbourhood, come and say hi to Kaitlin Henderson, the newest friendly face at Te Wāhi Wāhine o Tāmaki Makaurau (WWTM). Kaitlin is now looking after Women’s Support (free advice, referral and information), and coordinating our community education programme. “I love that ...

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Reshaping gender expectations: Slow work – but exciting

Recently, New Zealand’s prevailing notions of gender were memorably and amusingly skewered by Michelle Duff at Stuff: “If New Zealand is a person,” she wrote, “he’s your Stubbies-wearing uncle from Eketāhuna who thinks he’s enlightened because he once watched a women’s rugby match and drank a glass of Prosecco by mistake.” As Michelle points out, ...

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What are the political parties saying?

Auckland Women’s Centre is proud to be part of the new, awareness-raising Gender Justice Collective, along with researchers, practitioners and other organisations. This is our paraphrase of an article by The Workshop’s Jess Berentson-Shaw. Read the article here.

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Procurement policy to support gender equity?

Last month, the Government announced a very interesting new rule: when procuring their annual $42 billion worth of goods and services, government departments and agencies would now have to “consider how they can create quality jobs, particularly for displaced workers and traditionally disadvantaged groups such as Māori, Pasifika, people with disabilities and women.” Given the ...

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Add ‘sure to rise’ to ‘shovel ready’ for the best COVID recovery for women and the planet

Disappointingly, “shovel ready” projects fast-tracked by government to provide employment are drawn mostly from sexist and male-dominated industries – and we know employers are often actively hostile to employing women, and/or have family-unfriendly conditions (which are not good for men either). So women are faced with a COVID double whammy: more likely to be fired, ...

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Lawyers and politicans attack proposed protection for sexual violence survivors

A bill that aims to make the court process fairer and less traumatic for victims of sexual violence is currently the target of heavy lobbying by defence lawyers, who wish to see its protections watered down. This has put New Zealand First and National party support of the bill into jeopardy.. Read the article here.

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COVID spending that promotes gender equity

The Government is spending to prevent a severe recession. This spending should promte gender equity as well as prevent hardship and stimulate the economy. Read the article here.

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Kōrero with Laura O’Connell Rapira

Laura O’Connell Rapira: Our work must be values-based A long-term vision for our earth mother Papatūānuku will help create the best future for wāhine Māori and for all of us, said Action Station director Laura O’Connell-Rapira at Auckland Women’s Centre’s latest community forum. Laura delivered her inspirational kōrero to nearly 100 participants in the first-ever ...

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