Transformative Co-Parenting

Transformative Co-Parenting

An evidence-based and interventionist approach to radically and strategically improve your co-parenting relationship

Move from high-conflict co-parenting towards collaborative co-parenting.

A stressful co-parenting relationship negatively affects every part of our well-being. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. This course is for anyone who feels stuck in a high-conflict co-parenting relationship and wants to be empowered to take the lead and positively transform the relationship.

This 6-session workshop series is a lively, interactive group experience blending learnings from positive psychology and stoic philosophy alongside the application of real-life interventions. Within a supportive group, you will learn and apply the tools and tactics you need to influence positive change in your co-parenting relationship.

*This course is designed for women in emotionally high-conflict or uncollaborative co-parenting situations. However the approach and strategies in the workshop are inappropriate for women in a co-parenting situation where there is a risk of physical violence, or has been in the recent past. If this is your situation we recommend you get in touch with us so we can recommend other courses or interventions.

Dates Session 1 (in person): Saturday 31 August 2024, 10am-2pm
Dates Session 2-6 (online on Wednesdays):  4 September – 2 October 2024 (7:30 – 9pm)
Location 4 Warnock St, Grey Lynn & Zoom
Cost $10-$55 sliding scale

Meet your tutor - Rose Ewing

Rose has been a co-parent for 7 years, and in that time has moved from a high-conflict co-parenting relationship to one that is mostly collaborative and still evolving. By embracing particular psychological and philosophical approaches to life and relationships, she firmly feels that by changing herself and her behaviours, she radically transformed her entire co-parenting relationship.

Rose’s Website: 6 Wheels Co-Parenting

Bach. International Communication, GradDip Educational Psychology, Accredited Mediator with Resolution Institute NZ, Member of New Zealand Association of Positive Psychology

Feedback from previous participants

“I found Rose very easy to speak to and listen to. Both are important for such sensitive topics!”

“I learnt ways to communicate better with my co-parent with confidence”

“[I learnt] to focus on the positives when it comes to my co-parent and to be the best ex ever.”

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Our pricing schedule runs on a sliding scale to ensure we offer affordable options to everyone. Most of our classes offer three price choices and you are free to choose whichever best suits your situation.