Fight Like a Girl

Fight Like a Girl (Teen Self Defence)

This one day workshop for girls 13-16 years is designed to increase confidence and enhance self-image

This course encourages girls to have a heightened sense of themselves and their capabilities, and enables young women to step out into the world feeling positive and proud.

Aim of workshop:

  • To foster positive self-image
  • To encourage safe, sensible decision making
  • To reduce anxiety, fear and misinformation
  • To increase feelings of safety

The activities are centred on:

  • Body pride
  • Verbal assertiveness
  • Physical techniques
  • Identifying and acting on feelings
  • Information on laws and rules
  • Decision making
Dates Sunday 26th March 2023
Time 10am – 4pm
Location 4 Warnock St, Grey Lynn
Cost $50

Morgan Libeau

Morgan is a qualified Self Defence Tutor who has been teaching for many years. Initially, she taught women and girls Self Defence but for some years has now concentrated only on the children’s class.

Morgan has written a number of books for children and young people on issues of sexual abuse, therapy and court preparation for child witness’. She believes that if information is given to children appropriately it will make them feel safe instead of scared, enabling higher self-esteem and confidence.

Feedback from previous participants:

“I enjoyed becoming more confident, strong and brave.”