Oh Baby: Post Partum Support

Oh Baby: Post Partum Support

The 'antenatal class we all should've got'

Oh Baby, is a course devised by Genevieve Putter, and clinical psychologist Carly Abramovitz, to address the systemic changes a birthing parent goes through on a physiological, mental, emotional, and social level, after birth. It is a talk that takes a nuanced and in-depth look at what life is REALLY like with an infant in those first few months post-partum. It unpacks the various spheres of contemporary parents’ life, with a focus on the birthing parent, and how a new baby has a ripple effect throughout all of them – the identity shift into matrescence, the relationship changes with partners, friends and family and how to integrate back into the working world as a new parent.

The aim of this course is to provide you with a toolkit on how to manage these shifts in a way that will empower you in your new role in the family dynamic. While the content of this talk is very much geared towards the birthing parent and to equipping them, we encourage partners to join as well so as to better understand what is going on, or will be once the baby has arrived, as they are often the first line of support.

Dates 12th April – 26th April (3 sessions)
Tuesdays, 7:00pm-8:00pm
Location online via Zoom
Cost $20 – $30 sliding scale

Genevieve Putter

The ‘antenatal class we all should’ve got’ is hosted by Genevieve Putter, postpartum doula, community manager of The New Normal, and advocate for maternal mental health.