Questioning? & More…

Questioning? & More...

Would you like a supportive women's space to talk about same sex attraction?

This group is participant directed and a space to explore topics like:

  • What does same sex attraction mean to you?
  • Identity labels…e.g  Bi, Queer, Lesbian, Dyke
  • Stereotypes and gender stereotypes
  • Being in an opposite sex relationship and having same sex attraction
  • Finding community and dating
  • Being out in society
  • If you want to come out, how to tell family, friends, work colleagues
  • Sex with women
  • Relationships with women
  • You, your children and a new relationship

Come along, ask questions, share, this is a safe, non-judgemental environment.

Dates Monday 29 April – Monday 3 June 2024
Time 7pm – 9pm
Location 4 Warnock St, Grey Lynn
Cost Free

Cat Percy

Cat Percy is passionate about questioning everything! She lives this through her mahi: growing and supporting small businesses and ideas, and through her friendships and connections where she is a lifelong learner and a proudly curious person. 

Cat supports the empowerment of those who are not (yet) seen and heard. She believes strongly in the power of group dynamics and group exploration/healing, having been a part of many groups, finding in all of them something (usually unexpected) from which to learn and grow.

Cat is openly gay/queer/lesbian, a proud feminist and uses the pronouns she/her/wahine. 

Caz Davey

Caz is an active member of the lesbian community. She has been an educator for over 20 years, and enjoys running events to help people to connect with others in the community. Caz has been involved with the questioning group for 7 years. “I love sharing my experiences as a lesbian with others,” she says.

Feedback from previous participants:

“I enjoyed being able to connect with people and talk to people who were experiencing similar things to me.  Having experienced people to help us and cheer us on.”

“Really enjoyed it and appreciated the professional delivery. Thanks!”

“I would recommend this group to any women who are questioning their sexuality.”

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